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The World of Jean Reno Fan Column of the Week

Here are the details and rules about the fan column of the week, please read them so your column will be accepted:

  1. It must be in English, this is an English Jean Reno page, so English is the language for the column.

  2. It can be as long as you want it to be, but be reasonable, most people aren't going to read your 25 page essay on Reno.

  3. I reserve the right to edit your columns if I find them offensive or not appropriate. If they are offensive to me, I will not post them anyway. I will also be spelling and grammar checking them and formatting the layout to fit this page.

  4. You can send them to me as an e-mail attachment in either text format, Microsoft Word 2000 (or lower), or html format.

  5. The column should be about Jean Reno or one of his movies. I don't care about the actual content as long as you are on the topic of Jean Reno. For example, a properly formatted essay about Jean Reno and his similarities to a donut, would be posted right away.

  6. You can also provide up to two images to go with your column, either of yourself or images related to the topic of your column. Please send them as an e-mail attachment along with the column itself.

  7. E-mail your column and images to with the subject of "Jean Reno Column". Thanks.