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L'Hypothèse du tableau volé a.k.a The Hypothesis of The Stolen Painting (1978) 

Director: Raúl Ruiz

Writers: Pierre Klossowski and Raúl Ruiz


Carlos Asorey
Alfred Baillou
Corinne Berjot
Jean Bessière
Guy Bonnafoux
Aldo Boselli
Christian Broutin
Jacques Brunswig
Oreste Canakis
Philippe Chassel
Alix Comte
Bernard Daillencourt
Marthe Delboy
Anne Desbois
Denis Develoux
Nadege Finkelstein
Daniel Grimm
Bruno Guillain
Claude Hernin-Helbaut
Dominique Lambertini
Pascal Lambertini
Pierre Latzko
Daniel Musa
Jean Narboni
Chantal Paley
Raymond Pierson
Jean Raynaud (II)
Jean Reno
Tony Rodel
Isidro Romero
Jean Rougeul ....The collector
Eric Saulnier
Stéphane Shandor
Vincent Skimenti
Raymond Soriano
Jean-Damien Thiollier

Also Known As: Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting, The (1978)
Country: France
Language: French

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The Hypothesis of The Stolen Painting #1