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I Love You (1986)

Director: Marco Ferreri

Writer: Enrico Oldoini


Plot: Christopher Lambert finds a large key ring on the beach and it's shaped like a woman's head and when the sensor is activated it says ''I love you'', Lambert gets infatuated with it and starts forsaking all his friends for his new found toy. He even has sexual playtimes and dressing it up in jewelry, etc. When someone steals it, he goes crazy and when he finds the culprit, he then goes mad because the key ring is also telling this person that same ''I love you'', so Lambert smashes it up!!!. 
Jean Reno is only in this for about 3 minutes as a dentist.


Flora Barillaro....Maria
Marc Berman....Pierre
Christopher Lambert....Michel
Eddy Lambert....Yves
Laura Manszky....Camelia
Jeanne Marie....Prostitute
Jean Reno....Dentist
Agnès Soral....Helene

Country: France / Italy
Color: Color