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Rollerball (2001) 

Director: John McTiernan

Genre: Action

Plot: In the future America of 2005, this is the story of a "Rollerball" team, playing a violent game whose players sometimes... die. The film focuses on two players, the star of the team, Jonathan E. (Klein) and his rambunctious friend (LL Cool J), who play for a Russian businessman who's willing to kill to get high ratings. In the original film, the gladiators used roller skates and motorcycles, and the lead character, as played by James Caan was a grizzled veteran with 10 years in the game. Also, Chris Klein will be 21 when this movie is filmed... 14 years younger than James Caan was in 1975. So, if Klein is playing his "grizzled veteran" of a character, that may give us a hint as to a new angle to the film... a sport so dangerous you're a veteran if you make it out of your teens. Ouch. Anyway, the plot of the first film was that Jonathan E. (Caan) was deemed too good at playing the game that his celebrity overshadowed the rest of his team (and the corporations in the film didn't want any one man to be honored over team effort), so he was marked for "retirement" by getting killed in the game. The new film may follow a similar plot. One aspect of the plot has been clarified. In this film, Rollerball is not a worldwide phenomenon, but something that's popular in an unnamed foreign country, possibly in Asia or Europe.


Jean Reno
Chris Klein
LL Cool J
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos ... Aurora