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Un Amour de Sorcière (1997)

Director: René Manzor

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Plot: Morgane is a temperamental and seductive sorceress. Michael is a naive American inventor, in sorrow and pain Michael arrives in France and is enchanted by Morgane.  He is taken to the family castle, where he meets Eglantine the grandmother, who is also a witch. There is a mighty struggle, without any mercy in the castle and Morganes son Arthur is taken hostage. Michael goes and finds Molok (Jean Reno) who is the most powerful and most evil sorcerer, Michael wants a love potion to obtain the love of Morgane, and Molok wants Arthur.
(translated from French by Eddie)


Vanessa Paradis....Morgane
Gil Bellows....Michael
Jeanne Moreau....Eglantine
Jean Reno....Molok
Dabney Coleman....Joel

Also Known As: Witch Way Love (1997)
Country: France

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Un Amour de Sorcière #1 Un Amour de Sorcière #2 Un Amour de Sorcière #3