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Here is a list of frequently asked questions that have been submitted to the website.  Please read these before sending me a question.  If you have a question my e-mail address is available here.

Are you Jean Reno?

NO! I am not Jean Reno, I am not related to Jean Reno and I do not know Jean Reno.  So don't e-mail me personal questions like how much Jean weights because I have no idea.  I am just a fan running a website dedicated to him.

Have you ever met Jean Reno?

Yes, on two occasions both at movie premieres.  I talked to him for about 3 seconds and shook his hand and told him he ruled.  So I've met the man, but I don't know him at all.

Where does Jean Reno live?

Why do people need to know this? What are you a bunch of stalkers? How about I tell you he has two known homes.  One in a small town in France and another in Los Angeles, California.  Read Jean's biography for more information about him.

How can I contact Jean Reno?

You can try the following addresses but I cannot guarantee a reply or if these addresses are still correct:

Jean Réno
c/o CBC
11 rue de la Croix-Boissée
91540 Mennecy

Jean Réno
chez Les Films duDauphin
25 rue Yves-Toudic
75010 Paris

Where can I get a copy of Léon V.I. (a.k.a The Professional director's cut)?

The movie is now available on DVD at all major retailers or you can order it online from
The VHS is much harder to locate.  I ordered my copy through a now out of business foreign video store.  You can try finding a video store in your local area that will import videos or searching online stores.  I recommend, but beware of scams.

Where can I get a copy of The Big Blue director's cut?

Same deal as Léon here, it arrive in North America on August 15, 2000 and should be available at all major video stores.  The director's cut is around 3 hours long and contains tons more footage than the original (roughly 49 more minutes).

Where can I get similar sunglasses to Léon?

I have no idea about that one.

Where can I purchase the book about Jean Reno written by Parillaud?

How about you try, it should be available there.  I hope your French is good ;-).  You can also check out other French websites.

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